"I'm writing this as a reference for Craig.


He contacted me from an ad I posted to help me re-do my website, and we've been working together about a week. In one afternoon he went through my site and cleared out all the junk from the last 2 guys, cleaned it up and sent me the new files. He's also greatly helped me with some Dreamweaver and Photoshop instruction and getting my site to where I need it to be.


We've worked on the phone and via Skype desktop sharing, which has saved me huge amounts of time. He has answered every email and phone call when I've needed to reach him, and I would absolutely recommend him to you."


Steve B




"I very highly recommend Craig! He is extremely knowledgeable in Dreamweaver, graphics, photography & technology in general. He is very patient and easy to work with. With him, I have set up my website from scratch and learned a lot about using Dreamweaver. I can now update my website on my own, which is really great.


He's a good teacher and can also jump in and do something for me when I feel it's too complicated to do myself. I found him through Craigslist when he answered an ad I placed. I think you will be very happy if you work with him."

Susan R